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Transcendental Meditation – a Brief History

Transcendental Meditation (TM) – as taught at the beautiful centre run by TM in Johannesburg – is a specific form of meditation that is practised by millions of people across the world. Meditation itself exists in many forms, and TM is one of the most popular of all. TM has its roots in a movement that began in India in the 1950’s, led by the now legendary Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and is a method of achieving great relaxation and reducing stress levels, blood pressure, and also having health benefits in many other areas.

The movement gained popularity throughout the 1960’s as more people came to know of the technique, and the Maharishi’s teachings moved beyond India and into the Western world. These days, centres such as that in which TM in Johannesburg teach continue the practices and methods that were first made popular in India more than half a century ago. It is notable that TM is practised by a number of high profile celebrities, but TM in Johannesburg aims to help the ordinary people in Johannesburg and the surrounding area enjoy the health benefits of this simple and effective relaxation technique.Integrative Stress Management

Any meditation questions?

TM in Johannesburg offers a choice of courses that allow participants to indulge in TM techniques; the reported effects include calmness in overall life, better sleeping patterns, and a spiritual understanding – not necessarily religious in nature – that helps improve daily life. The technique involves taking around 20 minutes out of your schedule each day and reciting the given mantra, while relaxing completely and remaining free of interruptions. With many satisfied clients having learned to enjoy TM in Johannesburg, and many more finding the benefits all the time, it is clear that this simple and rewarding method of relaxation is one to consider if you are looking for a way to combat the rigours of daily life.

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